Traditions and Rituals at the Jungle

Billed as
"the biggest and most exciting tailgate party in the area", GorillaFest, located in Gorilla Village, provides  food vendors and live entertainment, while games and other activities for children are made available. Two gorilla statues hiding among the decorative plants observe those walking along the cobble stone entrance.

Team and Fans Walking over 2Jungle Road
With the PSU Bookstore selling Gorilla memorabilia and attire in one shelter, the KC Gorilla Club sets up shop in the other. Burgers, chips, and much more provide fuel for members and the PSU Spirit Squad. Years ago, the KC Gorilla Club started a new tradition: "the Walk along Jungle Road". As players make their way from the
Weede Physical Education Building to Gorilla Village for their pregame warm-up, fans line the walkway to cheer them on.

With the offensive and defensive linemen stretching out along the shores of University Lake, a pep-rally led by PSU mascot, Gus the Gorilla, is underway. The Pride of the Plains Marching Band plays the PSU Fight Song as the Spirit Squad along with the Crimson and Gold Dance Team performs and leads the crowd through numerous chants to fire up the crowd. As the pep-rally ends, only the sound of cleats clicking on the pavement can be heard as players finish their journey to their respective locker rooms. Fans migrate to their seats as the Spirit Squad and Band take their positions on the field for the pregame show.

3westernThe Pregame Show
Both applause and jeers are heard as the public address announcer welcomes the visiting team to the Jungle. The "enemy of the day" takes their place along the east sideline... directly in front of the student section... the Red Zone.
"Here come the Gorillas!" echoes throughout the stadium as eight students carrying flags spelling out "GORILLAS" leads the football team onto the field. Running in the shadows of a 30 foot inflatable gorilla, dubbed the Big Puffy Monkey, fans cheer for their home team as the Band explodes into the PSU Fight Song.

Once the Gorillas have taken their place along the west sideline, the Bleater Creatures sprint across the field  Those little Gorillas, who follow the team onto the field, sprinting, jumping (and sometimes falling) on their way to their wing of the east lower deck. During the third quarter of each home game, the Bleater Creatures are led around the stadium by the Spirit Squad and "Go Bananas!" for the crowd.

First Down, PITT STATE!
Sometimes ideas for a new tradition come from the unlikeliest of places. At the first "Fall Classic" in Arrowhead Stadium, following a Northwest Missouri State University first down, their public announcer would bellow "That's good for another Northwest..." and Northwest fans would finish the statement by yelling "First Down!" PSU PA announcer, Pete Hamilton liked it so much that he asked the members of the TeamKong forum to assist in bringing a similar practice to Pittsburg State (Pete: "First Down..." Crowd: "Pitt State!") and it has become a regular ritual.

Another often practiced ritual is that of the ROTC unit giving it their all by firing off their cannon then doing push-ups in the north endzone following each Gorilla score. Some days, it is almost as if they get more of a workout than the PSU football players themselves.

The Pride of the Plains
The PSU marching band, always centered in the lower deck of the east stands directly behind visiting teams, continuously heckle and taunt opposing teams throughout the game regardless of the score.
The band's "Welcome to the Jungle" with a tuba solo (of all things)  has become a fan favorite.

Pittsburg State team fight for your college.
Come and join the fray.
Run that ball around for a score and we’ll win this game today.

Fight, fight, fight for the glory and fame,
Because our spirit is so great.
And when this game is over, we’ll shout the whole world over: Pittsburg State.